Versity Health Technology

Versity Health Technology Limited is a start up company with technology licensed from PolyU. The company aims to offer technology product and solution to achieve better living. With strong background and capability on science, engineering and technology, the company will continue to develop different technology and products to fit social needs.

VHT 健康科技有限公司是一家擁有理大技術許可的初創公司。公司旨在提供技術產品和解決方案,以實現更好的生活。憑藉雄厚的科學、工程和技術背景, 公司將繼續開發適應社會需求的不同技術和產品。

VHT Designed by PolyU

Official Licensee of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


What's New!

* 新推出中童 (Junior) 和幼童版(Toddler), 頭帶採用黏貼設計, 方便易用,並備有粉紅色和粉藍色選擇。

* 幼童版(Toddler) 加有防護布邊,避免刮傷小童幼嫩肌膚。

【理大設計防護面罩 料月中可生產約3萬個】



Technology Transfer for Disease Prevention in the Community

PolyU develops two new reusable face shields, namely “General Use Face Shield” and “Extra Protection Face Shield” to provide enhanced protection for the public in their daily lives and working environment thus minimising the risks of virus transmission in the community.


Face Shield Developed by PolyU to cope with COVID-19

PolyU designs a new 3D-printed face shield for Hospital Authority to help alleviate the imminent need for protective gear amongst frontline medical professionals in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.



  • Multidisciplinary efforts by PolyU researchers
  • Patent pending technology and design
  • Special features to minimize aerosol flow
  • Reusable, easy to clean
  • Comfortable and high clarity
  • Size fitting Asian heads
  • Various sizes available : Adult, Junior, Toddler


Incorporated with Interdisciplinary expertises in PolyU
包含理工大學 跨學科技術

Designed and Care for the Community

Assured Quality: Patent-pending Technology, Enhanced Protection, Lightweight, Wearing comfort, Anti-Fog & High Clarity

Affordable Pricing, Easily Washable for Repeated Uses

Various Designs & Sizes with Adjustable Strap

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Face Shield (General Version) 防疫面罩 – 普通版

Size: Adult (34.5cm x 23 cm) 尺寸: 成人

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Face Shield (Enhanced Version) 防疫面罩 – 加強版

Size: Adult (34.5cm x 23 cm) 尺寸: 成人

3 / 4

Face Shield (General Version) 防疫面罩

Size: Junior (34.5cm x 21 cm) 尺寸: 中童

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Face Shield (General Version) 防疫面罩

Size: Toddler (27.5 cm x 17.5 cm) 尺寸: 幼童 (加有防護布邊,避免刮傷小童幼嫩肌膚。)